“I still have students who ask me to bring him back here (or as some say, “Tell him to move here!”), students who reference specific things they learned from him, and others who remember his humor.  He made immediate, strong connections with all my students, from 1st grade through high school . . .”

” . . . His humor, humility and human-centered approach to music-making enable him to connect with students and make huge, lasting impact in a very short time period . . .”

Please note: we are happy to design an experience which fits your specific educational mission – just ask!


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Rehearsal Clinics

Basic Rehearsal Clinic

The most popular type of clinic! Whether marching band, concert band, jazz band or whatever your ensemble may be, here’s a great way to offer a different perspective to students (& parents), while reinforcing the educational goals of the music teacher.

Large Ensemble 1-Day Clinic

This is the “traditional” type of clinic, which can encompass one rehearsal or several groups during the day (Specific areas of need can be designated by the host conductor). For a full day which also encompasses both cross-curricular and parent sessions, check out the suggested schedule below:

A Sample Day:

-Middle School Band Rehearsal
-English Class Presentation: Lyrics and the Power of Music
-Beginning Band: Woodwinds
-Beginning Band: Brass
-Math Class Presentation: Musical Math
-High School Band Class
Evening Parent Session:

Keeping Music Alive in Your Student – and Your School!

(*It is requested that no more than 6 sessions be requested a day, if possible, in order to allow for preparation and discussion with host teacher.)

Multiple Rehearsals/Residency

Multiple rehearsals over a calendar period or a 2-5 day residency are great ways to reinforce musical concepts. This approach also allows the possibility of combining services, like clinic sessions or cross-curricular sessions.

Age-Specific Sessions

Grades 1-6:

Maestro Hil Arioso presents: The Instrument Kingdom!

Fun for all primary ages and a very popular presentation, Maestro Hil Arioso (The World’s Greatest Conductor), guides students on a musical and fun-filled introduction to the world of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. This program can be enhanced in coordination with a local middle, high school or college band as well and is also a great way to recruit students into instrumental music programs! (*Note: at least 1-2 rehearsals will be needed with performing group, using repertoire that the ensemble is already able to perform!)

Music Guerrilla Drum Circle:

A fun way to develop: the individual, a sense community, creativity and healthy alternatives!

Grades 7-12:

(Note: Sessions are tailored to the specific age-group)

  • How to Achieve a Balanced Sound
  • Practice and your Brain
  • Truths Behind Tone, Tuning & Balance
  • Performance Etiquette
  • How to Select a College
  • Developing the Ensemble Pulse through Eurythmics
  • Specific, focused rehearsal: director’s choice!

Cross-Curriculum Sessions (Grades 7-12):

History Classes:      History through Music

Did you know that George Washington and Amadeus Mozart lived at the same time? “History through Music” is a great way to illuminate history by understanding how music related to the social and political ideas of a given time.

Math Classes:           Musical Math

Music finds its roots in not only emotion, but math! Whether it’s the Music of the Spheres, the creation of the equal temperament piano, or the actual notation and performance of music itself, music and math or directly linked. No wonder so many Silicon Valley techies are budding musicians!

English Classes:       Lyrics and the Power of Music

Storytelling has always been an important part of popular music, and the most popular form of listening. The ability to not only create great lyrics, but to musically enhance them is what makes a hit from a flop. How does music create interest? How does the brain process a great “hook’? What makes a hit record? How do lyrics represent the culture? Through recorded examples, students take a fascinating listen and, quite possibly, change the way they hear the musical world.

College/University/NAfME Collegiate Sessions

The First Year: What Would Forrest Gump Do?

You just received your degree. You’ve got the knowledge, now it’s the journey to wisdom. What couldn’t you learn in college? Professional Ethics? Relationships? Teaching music can be like a box of chocolates . . .

Hero Training: How to Harness Your Super Powers

 You are the hero your future music students have been waiting for! You’ve been learning and training at your super hero school, but now it’s time to learn what makes your super powers unique! It’s time to discover who you are and what you’re really capable of. Are you ready to grasp your own greatness?


For Additional Sessions, see “Educator Sessions”