Searching for something for students? Teachers? Parents? Pre-professionals? How about a Music Retailer looking for a different way to support schools? The Music Guerrilla is ready to Wage Music for you!

The Music Guerrilla provides a clinician for student clinics, rehearsals and cross-curricular presentations anywhere in the world! From primary grades through the collegiate level, there’s something for everyone.


Teachers! You don’t have to be a musician to have a music presentation! Check out some ideas to help you bring your classroom subject alive and remember: The Music Guerrilla can tailor sessions to your curriculum!

Music Teachers – especially those in the first 5 years of service, need support, ideas, and inspiration. MG is there to assist in maximizing and enhancing music teacher skills via clinics, in-service presentation and keynote speaking.


But what about parents? How about combine a day of clinics with a parent session in the evening? Or what about resources that parents can access to get some basic questions answered? Yep. You-know-who!


Ohhh baby, here we go. All KINDS of ways to skin-the-cat – and not just in a music class. Click away! (No cats were harmed in creating this small paragraph. So there.)

Music Retailers

If you’re looking for ways to either show additional support for your school  or community programs, or want a great and educational “value-add,” then bring The Music Guerrilla to your area for a roving residency!


And now the big question: what does it cost? While there is no set fee, there is a suggested donation, but MG does not “hardline” a fee. We operate through the generosity of others, including those programs that donate extra in order to help those programs less financially capable. All funds go toward providing services, special projects and administrative costs


(For specific physical requirements or any other questions, contact us via the main menu, or contact Dr. Allen directly: