Welcome to The Music Guerrilla video page, where you’ll find inspiring, creative and informative videos. In the future, you’ll find more MG videos posted, but for now, enjoy these, then do 2 things:

1.) Send us video of you and/or your performers WAGING MUSIC!. That’s right, send us YOUR guerrilla music videos, performing outside of the concert venue and into, well, society (where they least expect it?)! We’ll do our best to post it here, and we’ll send you one of our cool “Wage Music” stickers FREE! What a deal. Not kidding. Really. We’ll do it.

2.) Send us videos that you find inspiring, creative or feature people Waging Music! Again, we’ll do our best to post them, and remember that thing about the stickers . . .

Musical Instrument using 2000 marbles

Cornel Hrisca-Munn removes your "learning to play an instrument is too hard" excuse.

"Shake it Off," Music Guerrilla style. (Hang on.)

Please support students who don't have pencils

Guerrilla Music on the NYC Subway!

Acclaimed choreographer Jiri Kylian celebrates Mozart's birthday.

The Bros. Landreth, performing an intimate version of "Firecracker" at "Living Room Sessions"