This is the place to find MG special programs which are either offered or seeking support! Check out the latest happenings in The Music Guerrilla world here and, if you can, help out! (Be sure to join us on Facebook and/or Twitter to get the latest happenings and updates regarding special projects, – see below!)

Wage Music: Project Rwanda

Dr. Milt Allen, founder and President of The Music Guerrilla, visited Kigali, Rwanda, Africa in March of 2017  as a guest conductor, clinician and speaker with Green Hills Academy, the Injyana Ensembles and community groups. The success of the trip has resulted in an ongoing partnership/mission to assist GHA and community organizations with using music as a means of hope, joy, discovery, and healing in post-genocide Rwanda. GHA and TMG need your help. To find out more about this important partnership and how you can help, click here.

Wage Music: Project Zambia

At it in Zambia again! Stay tuned for more as Dr. Allen returns to Zambia this fall to explore an ongoing partnership to help Wage Music in Lusaka, Zambia!

Wage Music: Project Haiti

The Music Guerrilla is looking at partnering with BLUME (Building Leaders Using Music Education) to Wage Music in Haiti! After a successful and informative 2 weeks in Haiti, plans are in the works for an ongoing venture! And we’re going to need your help . . . More to come!

M2P: TMG Music Partner Program

An exciting new program rolling out soon! Stay tuned!